Monday, September 26, 2011

Six hundred a week

'....and its only $600 a week', he says smuggly.

$600 a week? Since when did $600 a week become good rent in this cunt-of-a-town? $2400 a month - Christ! It's a decent enough joint I suppose, but when did $600 a week become do-able, desireable; something to punch the air about?

'Heaven knows, its just bricks and mortar', he says  offhandedly, taking a swig of beer in the process.

I've got bricks and mortar, but they don't cost me $600 a week. My place is a dogs breakfast but. Needs a bloody grenade so I can start again. Perhaps I should be paying $600 a week?

'Some people pay much more', she says, 'much, much more', she adds, eyebrows raised, head doing a slow nod, as if she knows what she's on about.

I nod too, mechanically,  trying to get my head around her justification.

'Rents are crazy', he said.

'Fucken oath Mate', I think, 'it's only bricks and mortar'.

© Strauss