Thursday, August 4, 2011

Savouring the Process

Crude graphite scratches a harmony onto paper;
A tattoo of thoughts and ideas,
A scarring of images; internal rage and pain,
A lingering kiss filled with joy, humour and love
An etched still of lingering observation.

Fibres entwine here.
Graphite smudges across a perfect surface.
A trio of essences collide;
Mineral, mind, material.

Words are formed
Within the sacred bounds of my notebook.
Their decisive combination develops into meaning.
Spidery scrawls lumber across the manuscript.
Dark retractions blemish the page;
They symbolise process, not mistake.

Tear not a page.
Neither scrunch nor discard it.
Savour the process.
The pendulum will stop swinging at centre.
When energy ceases to swirl
The process, she is complete.

© Strauss
February 2007


  1. "A tattoo of thoughts and ideas" This is a wonderful line! This poem reminds me of when I draw and how the first few line feel like a disaster. If I keep going, however, it can turn into something beautiful. Thanks for sharing.